MY JOURNEY........



Scott Holley is a Worship leader/musician/songwriter and has served as the Worship leader for The Latter Rain Christian Fellowship Church in New York for over 10 years.

In 2007 Scott won the GMA vocal solo award at Estes Park Colorado. When he came home the church realizing the gift God has given Scott to the masses prayed over him and despatched him to the missions field. Scott traveled to Africa and Germany with his Pastor. This was just preparing him for what was to come. When Scott came back God put a burning in his heart for the United States. Scott knew he was called but was taught by his Pastor to duplicate himself.

So that's what Scott did. He trained up the worship team to take up the mantle. With the prayer support of his church Scott travels all over leading and teaching worship teams how to enter into the presence of the Lord. Scott has traveled from the east coast to the west coast as the worship leader for Nascar under the leadership of Billy Mauldin the President of Motor Racing Outreach. He enjoys making guest appearances at churches and leading congregations to worship God. Scott's motto is "touch a Heart Change a Life". Scott said when he comes back in town it is a joy to see the worship team in action gloryfying God in song.  One of his greatest joys was to be amongst the Pastors ministering at Madison Square Garden with Chris Tomlin.              

Scott is a graduate of Manhattan Bible institute and New York Theological Seminary. He believes if your going to sing the word you need know the word to present the message of God's love.